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    Olive trees

    Viveros Villamolar specialises in olive trees and has over eight hectares dedicated to them in pompom, ball, regional...

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    Fruit trees

    Viveros Villamolar has fruit trees such as pomegranate (Punica granatum), common fig (Ficus carica),...

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    Citrus trees

    The great demand in the European market has led us to extend our variety and sizes of citrus trees,...

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Who we are

Since its beginnings, Viveros Villamolar, SLU has been dedicated to the production, recovery, cultivation and sale of all types of Mediterranean plants, especially olive, citrus, palm and Mediterranean trees.

Viveros Villamolar, SLU has now enlarged its installations to over 11 hectares of plants in containers, ready for our customers.

We are in a notably privileged area for producing our plants in optimal conditions to offer our customers a high quality product at a competitive price.

We have a great professional team that speaks Spanish, English, French, Italian, Dutch and German so that customers need not worry about language barriers.

Our philosophy

In Viveros Villamolar, SLU we want our customers to appreciate the plants and the Mediterranean culture we love so much, so we want to bring a piece of our Mediterranean life to all the gardens in Europe, expressing it with the plants we have to offer.

What we do

We are continually trying day by day to improve are already wide experience in plants and updating ourselves on today's very demanding markets. For this we have the latest innovations and forms available on the market, always with the highest quality and if we do not have something, we'll do the impossible to find it.