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Bouganvilla Glabra copa

Bouganvilla Glabra copa

They are shrubby vines that measure 1 to 12 m in height, and grow in any terrain. They get entangled in other plants using their sharp spikes that are covered with a black waxy substance. They are evergreen plants in rainy areas all year round, or deciduous in dry season. The leaves are alternate, simple and oval-acuminate, 4-12 cm long and 2-6 cm wide. The hermaphroditic flowers are axillary, conspicuous, tubular, with 5-6 short lobes, generally white, organized in groups of 3, each one inserted in a persistent bract with a papyraceous appearance and usually vividly colored white, yellow, pink, magenta. , purple, red, orange ... The number of stamens varies from 5 to 10; with short filaments and welded at the base. The ovary is fusiform, glabrous or pubescent, with a short lateral style. The fruit is a narrow, spindle-shaped or cylindrical pentameric achene


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