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Cítricos en viveros Villa-Molar

Citrus Trees

The genus Citrus, whose common term is citric, designates the species of large shrubs or perennial saplings (between 5 and 15 m) of the family of rutáceas whose fruits or fruits have a high content of vitamin C and citric acid, which provides that characteristic acidic flavor. Native to tropical and subtropical Asia (with an emphasis on Yunnan Province, China; and, in the Himalayas), this genus contains three species and numerous cultivated hybrids, including the most widely marketed fruits, such as lemon, orange, lime, grapefruit (also called grapefruit) and tangerine, with various varieties depending on the region in which each one is grown. Its fruit is a hesperidium, characteristic of the genus. Due to the ease of hybridization of the citrus, all crops for commercial use are obtained by grafting the desired cultivar species onto seedlings selected for their resistance to diseases.