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¿Cuál es el mejor árbol para plantar en casa?

What is the best tree to plant at home

Surely on many occasions you have wondered about the best tree to plant at home in order to take advantage of the space in your garden, whether with fruit trees or simply decorative. From Viveros Villa-Molar we want to tell you what are the benefits that different types of trees can bring us and offer you some recommendations that you can find in our nursery.

8 benefits of planting a tree at home

1. Give oxygen

Each tree is capable of generating between 320 and 360 liters of oxygen per day

2. They allow to save water.

When we plant a tree, they only need 15 gallons of water a week and as the trees perspire, they create moisture in the atmosphere.

3. Fight against climate change.

Yes, they too have their fight against climate change! Due to all the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted into the atmosphere, part of that CO2 is absorbed by trees while emitting oxygen into the air.

4. Protect from ultraviolet rays.

The leaves and branches of trees can protect you approximately 50 percent from the sun, thus, for example, they help protect children when they are playing long hours in the garden at home, in the park or at school.

5. They heal.

Several studies have shown that hospital patients if they can see or be near trees and nature improve faster.

6. Trees can increase home values

The increase that can be assumed can reach up to 15 percent, having a beautiful garden at home in addition to being a relaxation space can also become greater value.

7. Prevent soil erosion

For example, in areas where there are rivers and streams, trees help slow runoff and conserve land.

8. They give opportunities to earn money.

If you have a large space of land and do not use it, fruit trees can be a good way to generate extra income.


At Viveros Villa-Molar, in addition to telling you about the wide benefits of starting to use the space in your garden or land to plant trees, we want to offer you some recommendations that can help you decide what you finally want to plant in your garden.

A perfect option if you don't want a fruit tree is our selection of Mediterranean plants, among them you can find the well-known Ficus Australis. It is grown as a shade tree in parks or gardens. Its large glossy dark green leaves make this plant a very decorative tree. It is resistant and tolerant of proximity to the sea.

If you want to opt for fruit trees you can find….

The well-known Citrus Sinensis, a fruit tree that is part of the Rutaceae family and gives rise to oranges. Its white flowers, called orange blossom, are born singly or in clusters and are extremely fragrant. And if we want it to bear abundant fruit, we will have to make sure that the climate is not very frosty as it could kill the fruit and that the soil is of quality (the best option is that it be made of siliceous sand with some clay and lime ).

If you are looking for other types of trees or plants, we also have other sections such as cacti that we know well can endure with little water, but still need water to live. And it is very important that the land where we plant cacti does not puddle.

In addition, in Viveros Villa-Molar you can find bushy plants, with a great variety in shape, types and utilities. And depending on the type they can generate aromatic flowers and leaves, or edible fruits.

If you have any questions or need advice on a particular type of tree, do not hesitate to contact us.

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¿Cuál es el mejor árbol para plantar en casa?

What is the best tree to plant at home

Discover with Viveros Villa-Molar the best trees to plant at home and all the benefits they can bring us!
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