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Plantas mediterráneas en viveros Villa-Molar

Mediterranean Plants

To Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to the Mediterranean climate, plants that adapt to the intense heat during the annual period of drought, which, unfortunately, increasingly extends over time. Mediterranean plants offer not only beauty, but also resilience. If the garden is located in a region with a Mediterranean climate, there is no doubt that the most sustainable option is to look at them and the more we know about their origin and evolution; its horticultural cultivation and landscape possibilities, the closer we will be to achieving an efficient garden. What characterizes the Mediterranean climate is the coincidence of an annual dry period with the hottest time of the year. This circumstance causes plants to undergo strong water stress, since evaporation is greater than precipitation. In addition, winters are mild, and autumns and springs are usually presented with abundant rainfall. Another characteristic of the Mediterranean climate refers to the frequent forest fires, to which the vegetation has come to adapt.